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New plugins   red0x - 2004-05-21 00:59   -   Automated Security Tools
Development has been started on two new plugins. Working versions of a vanilla connect() port scan and a banner grabbing scan are available in CVS. They will be part of sonar 1.2.3. Any suggestions, submit a feature request.
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Sonar 1.2.2 Released   red0x - 2004-05-06 13:22   -   Automated Security Tools
Today, May 6th 2004, I released sonar 1.2.2! Sonar 1.2.2 contains alot of major useability updates, as well as some placeholder code for new and exciting features in 1.2.3.
I have taken on a few developers, and I am always looking for more. If you are interested in developing for sonar, or any other autosec tools, let me know and we'll get you on board.
Look for sonar 1.2.2 here on sourceforge, or on gentoo's portage.
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APG and librand Released   red0x - 2004-02-20 17:00   -   Automated Security Tools
The first public versions of APG and librand have been released!
APG is the Advanced Password Generator. It is used to automatically generate new passwords for whatever use you feel like putting it to. APG supports the following features:
- Setting maximum percentage of special characters
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Q & A: Coding Party   red0x - 2004-02-05 19:30   -   Automated Security Tools
Feel free to join in a 24/7 Q & A Coding party on irc. Come on in, ask questions, hack some code, anytime at #autosec. Look forward to seeing you there.
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sonar 1.2.1 released   red0x - 2003-12-06 14:23   -   Automated Security Tools
sonar 1.2.1 sees major updates, including new plugins, better documentation, logging to syslog, and working input/output plugins. You can now compile plugins from outside the sonar source-tree, so once you install sonar, go ahead and start your own plugin projects. Results are now reported in a general format that output plugins can recognize and parse however they want. Fixes for a gcc 2.95 compile bug were included with the help of svrmarty.
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